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best Camps in rishikesh
March 26, 2018Upcoming Treks, Difficulty, Moderate (for fit beginners), Moderate-Difficult (requires good fitness), Himachal Pradesh, June, , , , Adventurer, June

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek (Jauhar Valley)

ABOUT THE TREK This is a trans-Himalayan trek in the heart of Kumaon Himalayas. Nanda Devi the second highest peak in the Indian Himalayas and touted by many as one of the most beautiful peaks in the world. The trek is through the...

August 1, 2017Upcoming Treks, Easy (for beginners), Our Treks, April, November, , , , , , Tourist, Wanderer, April, November, Mountains

Kuari Pass Trek

Among the several things that Lord Curzon did in India, the hands-down winner is exploration and popularising of a marquee trek route starting from Joshimath to Kuari Pass in the Garhwal Himalayas. At an altitude of 4264 meters, Kuari...

August 1, 2017Upcoming Treks, Easy (for beginners), Moderate (for fit beginners), Moderate-Difficult (requires good fitness), Our Treks, April, September, October, November, , , , , , Tourist, April, September, October, November, Mountains

Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal Trek

One of the most gorgeous among Uttarakhand’s trekking destinations, Har Ki Doon in the Garhwal Himalayas at. is a hanging valley famed for exquisite beauty. The trek route offers a variety of interesting features—forests rich in flora...

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Great adventure?experience of life time,same awesome place couldn’t be found any where in India that are in rishikesh, the safety measures are also good, you get down in holy Ganga and feel the flow of river rafting and boating.Excellent ..mind blowing adventure enjoyed with our family n friends ..nice arrangements n care by staff n guide …best in our holiday.


The idea of being one with our nature is just so specialn at rishikesh.The peace that we get during the silent night, sitting besides the mighty river flowing from the cradle of civilization, the rafting thrill, the cliff jump is just unparalleled and the Rafting is not a one time activity, it is an addiction.enjoying floating and cliff jump .. its one of a lifetime thrill to chill out in the life at rishikesh!!!

Jane Willis

Try river rafting once if you are planning rishikesh there are three levels of rafting easy moderate and hard.It was my first river rafting with family.The river water was green and chill which saved us from the hot scorching sun. The tides were just awesome in my life.


We went for my first adventure trip to Rishikesh with my friend. Weather was sunny till afternoon followed by cold winds in the evening. The rush of the rapids, the power of the ganges and the strength of the team.. everything is amazing.Very clean and well managed, we did the arti, which is a must attend of any one visiting Rishikesh. Better than any other religions place.


The whole experience is one that I will remember for the rest of my life.I Cant get enough of it though. And keep returning for more. There is so much to see….Rafting includes, rafting & cliff jumping. There’s a point where they stop & let you do a free fall jump from a small cliff – super fun of your life….I enjoyed the Rafting with full confidence and without any fear to dipp. Body surfing  and cliff jumping I like the most of in rishikesh.

Raj Choudhari

It was amazing journey can’t describe in words because i have to many things to say about the rishkesh. Yes I had cliff jumping and swimming in the cold and holly water of Ganga was an event to be remembered in my life of time. I would like to do it again if i gets the aportunity in my life that grate time of life in rishkesh.

Matthew Williams

that was one of the best experience i had in rishikesh. There are rapids that will get u on ur toe for preventing ur raft from getting inverted. Also do cliff jumping if ur doing rafting. It is just like diving into swimming pool from a floor height but experience is little different form other swimming pools.If you want to experience Ganges in the best possible way, add rafting in your to do list while in Rishikesh. Cliff jumping will be an attraction you will want to try at rishikesh.

Samuel Walker

Chilling water, fun of floating in water without knowing to swim, hot springs, hot maggi being served, cliff jumping and those breathtaking moments of rafting.Rishikesh, amazing place to visit and the rafting a lifetime experience. Floating on chilled water was like fun until the place we arrived at where the raft was literally about to topple.

Snehha Rawther

The only word which can tell you what is the feeling of doing rafting. If you are a adventure loving person then you must do it.you should also do camping best thing to do cliff jumping awesome experience of river rafting in rishikesh….Jumping from the cliff see above the adventure of life.

Prashantt Vaswani
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