Learn to kayak (Intermediate)

  • 2017 Trip Dates
    To be determined – please contact us for details! (min 4 people)

  • Cost
    Rs 38000 per person

  • Season
    February-May; September-December

We also call Intermediate kayak session “Beginning Level Eskimo Roll Lesson”.

If your boat handling skills are good but your other kayak lessons didn’t include rolling, or you used to be able to roll but lost it, this is the roll lesson for you. A solid eskimo roll will accelerate your progress and help you gain confidence when running challenging white waters.


Got a roll most of the time…. Want to make it happen every time? Take this class and we’ll show you what you need to do to reach that goal.

In addition to practicing the techniques for dealing with eddy lines, boils, and whirlpools, this course covers ways to read moving water, evaluate and avoid hazards, a review of bracing strokes, ferrying, and much more.

Course Contents (3-5 Days)

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Must be above the age of 12
  • Students must have successfully completed Begineers kayak clinics, or posses equivalent paddling skills.
  • Swimming ability is a must. The eskimo roll requires a lot of time spent underwater; therefore, it is important that prospective students are very comfortable with their heads’ immersed.
  • Must not suffer from any medical or physical condition that prohibits the participant from partaking in strenuous physical exercise.
  • This is not a luxury trip; days would be tiring and intensive.
  • Weather disruptions may at times result in discomfort or unplanned adjustments. So be Prepared mentally.

Trip Summary

Day 01: Revision of Begineers Kayak course and river reading and class on river terminologies.
Day 02: Improve ferry skills and perfect your eskimo rescue.
Day 03: River run in class II kind of rapids and perfect your eskimo roll in moving water, boils and eddys.
Day 04: River run in class II kind of rapids and perfect your eskimo roll in moving water, boils and eddys.
Day 05: River run in class III kind of rapids and show your skills.

After completing this course and once your eskimo roll is perfect you are a white water kayaker and unexplored world is waiting ahead. Join our advance course and kayak expeditions to improve your skills and explore the unexplored.