Dodital Trek

Dodital is a freshwater lake in Uttarakhand, India, situated at a height of 3,024 meters (9,921 ft). To reach Dodital, one may reach Uttarkashi by road and then walk to Dodital here via Bebra and other minor villages alongside the Ganges river. From Uttarkashi, a short jeep ride will take you to Sangamchatti from where the 21 km trek to Dodital begins. This is a mostly gentle trek, with overnight halt options at the village of Dasra & Agora or Bebra. At Dasra & Agora, which is 7 km from Sangamchatti, one can stay at one of the private lodges or alternatively, camp at Bebra which is 9 km from Sangamchatti. From there one can start the second leg of the trek the next day which will take you to Dodital via the small village of Manjhi.

There are a couple of forest rest houses at Dodital where one can book a stay by taking a permit at the Forest office in Uttarkashi. Alternatively, one can camp by carrying tents. There’s a basic canteen where one can get food and tea.

According to one of the popular legends, Lord Ganesha chose this place as his abode. There is a temple devoted to Lord Ganesha here. Another name for this lake is ‘Dhundital’ meaning Ganesh katal or lake of Ganesha

The dodital trek can be done in 6 days Ex – Dehradun. The best months are May, June, September, October, and November. The maximum altitude on this trek would be approx 14,000 feet (Darwa Pass). The lake is hexagonal in shape. Dodital also has a religious significance and hence is very popular with trekkers. The Goddess is supposed to have created Lord Ganesha here. Dehradun to Sangam Chatti would be by the drive.

Rough Itinerary can be something like

  • Dehradun – Sangam Chatti (Drive)
  • Sangam Chatti – Bhebra (Trek)
  • Bhebra – Dodital (Trek)
  • Dodital – Darwa Pass – Dodital (Trek)
  • Dodital – Bhebra
  • Bhebra – Sangan Chatti – Dehradun (Trek and Drive)

  • 2017 Trip Dates
    To be determined – please contact us for details! (min 4 people)

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  • Season
    Sept 15-June 30