Stok Kangri


About the Activity:

The Stok Kangri is the highest mountain range of the Himalayas in the Ladhak region, making this a very popular and challenging trek.

Your trek starts with your arrival from Delhi to Leh. Spend some time and acclimatize yourself with the exquisiteness and the cold weather. Start your trek to Stok, the whole path to the Stok Village is full of natural grandeur and flourishing green trees. Reach Chang Ma, from where you head over to the Base Camp. This destination of your base camp is blessed with lush greenery and numerous water bodies, your expert guide will train you and prepare you for your trek to Stok Kangri. Trek for around 9-10 hours and reach the summit of Stok Kangri from where you can view the Karakoram Range to your north and Zanskar Range to your south.
Travel back to the base camp and then depart back to Leh.


Day 1

Arrive at Leh
Arrive at Leh from Delhi and spend the day resting and acclimatizing yourself to the surroundings and weather.

Day 2

Leh (Acclimatization day)
Enjoy the cultural and natural beauty of Leh.
This can be considered as a day to get familiar with the town and also acclimatize to the weather. Leh is
culturally a rich destination with dozens of monasteries and ancient temples that you can visit.
You can also take time off to visit the Leh market.

Day 3

Leh to Chang Ma via Stok Village
Your day will start with a drive to Stok Village, a marvelous destination steeped with history, culture and stunning beauty.
Stok Village has lots to see and experience, like palaces and museums.
Start your trek towards Chang Ma, a wonderful trek filled with snow capped landscapes and breathtaking views.
Set up camp and spend the night in Chang Ma.

Day 4

Chang Ma to Mankorma
Today, Trek upwards from Chang Ma towards Mankorma, you will witness trickling streams and cold desserts.
Set up camp and spend your night by the river at Mankorma.

Day 5

Mankorma to Base camp
Trek from Mankorma to the amazing base camp, filled with green pastures and small pools of cool water, you can take a walk around the base camp or rest before your next trek.

Day 6

Rest day
This day is an easy day for trekkers. You would enjoy the time for going around and knowing the place to a much better extent.
It is essentially a day to train for the upcoming trek and know the possibilities and challenges that are involved in it

Day 7

Base camp to Stok Kangri and back to base camp
Start your ascent up to Stok Kangri early in the morning, trek through glaciers and steep slopes to the summit ridge.
This is a long climb, so you should be mentally strong and prepared psychologically. It would take somewhere between 9 to 10 hours for average climbers. Slow climbers may take another 2 to 3 hours in addition.
Once you reach the summit marvel at stunning views after which you will set up camp and spend the night there.

Day 8

Base camp to Leh
Travel back to Leh from your base camp and view marvelous landscapes on the way.

Day 9

Departure From Leh
Depart from Leh to your onward destination.
End of the trek.

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