Savour your adventurous senses with a captivating trek.

Don’t you wish to feel the serene touch of nature whilst challenging the adventurous side in you? Do you want a much-deserving tranquil retreat from the hustles of the city? For the profound desire to immerse yourself into the beatific locales of the countryside while exploring the thrill of adventure, what better getaway for you than a trek to the Valley of Flowers, one of the best treks of Uttarakhand.

Nested in the heart in the west of mighty snow-clad Himalayas, the Valley of Flowers trek is the epitome of majestic beauty and enthralling escapade. Famous for its exotic flora and mesmerising fauna spread across the entire land, the Valley of flowers trek is certain to leave you awestruck with an experience of a lifetime.

Whether you are an avid trekker or Mountaineer or a virgin in this area, your adventure bucket list is incomplete without a visit to this captivating valley. Valley of flowers has stood its popularity in being one of the oldest and the most popular treks in the Himalayas.

The best time to plan for a trek to the Valley of Flowers is Mid-July to Mid-September when you can see a blanket of exotic multi-hues flowers blossoming across the valley. Valley of Flowers is a high-altitude trek in the Uttarakhand that takes-off from Govind Ghat followed by a challenging yet picturesque trail to Hemkund Sahib. Enroute the steep mount, the alpine landscape, and the calmness of the lake at 14,400 ft altitude leaves the trekker charmed. This also brings you to the pilgrimage site of Gurudwara Shri Hemkund Sahib, a meticulously standing architecture of worship. Just a glimpse of the beauty it holds brings poise and warmth to the heart. The enchanting sound of birds is music to ears and the sight of rich fauna catches the attention of the beholder. This encapsulating trek ends at Joshimath, home to climbing expeditions and pilgrim centres.

This trek to the Valley to Flowers is not than just another trek but a soulful and incredible journey to the pleasant ecological beauty. With a daytime temperature of 12 degrees and nights getting colder to 4 degrees, it is a medium level trek on the difficulty scale and is by far amongst the best monsoon treks in India.

Legend has it, Valley of Flowers is the same place where Lord Hanuman found Sanjeevani Buti to save the life of Laxman. This mythological importance makes Valley of Flowers a must-have pilgrimage journey for the believers.

If you are planning a trek to the Valley of Flowers, we suggest these considerations or if you are still sceptical, we say come on board and fall in love with the fascinating beauty of the valley.

Why wait then? Pack your backpack and find your escapade this season with the most gratifying experience of a lifetime. Mountains are calling you for a fun-filled and idyllic getaway that will surround you with all the positivity that nature holds.