While the soul of a wanderer knows no bounds of weather and season to travel the less travelled path of mountains, seasons do offer their distinct charm to the adventurous hearts. But there is one season that drives the joy of travelling to the mighty Himalayas in artistic splendour and adds a lot of alluring flavour to it.
The Post-monsoon season holds the crown of trekking in the mountains for its luscious aesthetics, brimming fauna, colourful flora and safe trails. It is the time when summers leave their farewell footprints and the upcoming winter is welcoming sunshine.
Indeed, a time for the explorer to plan an escapade in the plaintiffs and valleys of the beautiful Himalayas. Witness the post-monsoon in all its prime with your circle of friends and be the first to view the colourful landscape of divine beauty.
However, if you are still unsure why post-monsoon is your season of trekking, we will walk you through the most amazing and valid reasons that will convince you to plan your next autumn trek right away.

Autumn- A New Beginning of Trekking in the beatific locales of the Mighty Himalayas

1.The Unmatched Beauty After Rains

Rains are one of the most gorgeous creations of God and no denying everything seems dreamy when it rains. It only drives an inherent need to go for a long drive and enjoy the beautiful drizzling with a cup of tea.
But, when in the practical world you wish to walk the trails on the mountains, the rainy season is not what you choose, no matter how lovely it gets for obvious safety reasons. What follows after rains is another sublime season that makes mountains even more splendid. That’s when the trekking enthusiasts will find the serenity in the land.
The slight cool breeze with a touch of majestic meadows bathing in the sparkling sun is what stays in the post-monsoon mountains.

2.The Brightened Sky

A clear sky with birds chirping and the multi-hues of shining sky illuminates the traveller’s trek even more during autumn. Post-monsoon witnesses mild enjoyable temperatures that are perfect for trekking with clear clouds that manifest mountains as if in folklore.
Choosing a post-monsoon trek to the Himalayas will offer you impeccable beauty. After-rains leave the entire region with a shining sun that paves a trekking path worth taking for you.

3.The Spectacular Flora

Post-monsoon is the fall season that makes leaves change colour and ignite another beauty of nature for humans to witness. Mountains are soaked in flora, and in autumn the sight is splendid enough to behold.
You can see clusters of leaves falling from trees just how you see in the picture-perfect travel diaries. This post-monsoon fall time is marked with rejuvenation and rebirth which makes it perfect for adventurous souls to reinvent their life and find solace in the calmness of the mountains.
Seldom do urban life give us nature’s best beauties, so when you get a chance for an escapade, never miss it for the world.

4.A Blanket of Multi-Hues

From clear blue sky to colourful leaves forming a rainbow-everything that makes nature a true beauty is what you witness in the mountains post-monsoon. Besides the trekking experience to fill the monotonous life, you get to see in person the unparalleled charm of mountains.
It only feels as if the monsoon has left a lasting impression on what we call autumn, only for its travellers to view. You can trek during the day under the sparkling sun and stargaze in the night with a bonfire lit in the mildly cool weather.
There is no dearth of colours in the post-monsoon meadows and mountains that nature has bestowed.

5.Captivating Look of Mountains

Under a carpet of stunning colourful flora and flourishing fauna, mountains give you not just an unforgettable trekking experience during the post-monsoon season but also a beauty that will live forever in your heart and mind.
Autumn is the most majestic time for mountains when nature is rejoicing after its share of rain. It is the transition from warmth to cold weather with the temperature just right for travellers. You can see innumerable animals and birds thriving in their habitat after rain, wandering and enjoying the pleasant weather to the fullest. Mountains beam with new life, fallen leaves carpeting it all over and fountains making their way through the untrodden paths.
Who would not want to capture this captivating look in their next trek!

6.The Safety of Less-Landslides
The rainy season is filled with the risk of landslides, health issues such as fungal or bacterial infections and even insect bites. This obviously is not true for every trekking destination.
While the thrill of the journey is pacing ahead to the highest peak, rains can be slightly intimidating. But, for the safety cautious ones, post-monsoon serves as the best season to go hiking, trekking or any adventurous activities with friends or family. The paths are safe to travel, with no mushy trails or an uncalled fear of mudflows, avalanches or floods.

So folks, are you delighted yet for your next post-monsoon mountain getaway. There are numerous places in the Himalayas that are waiting to delight you with their panoramic charm and impressive culture.
Why wait then, it’s monsoon already and there is little time to plan for the autumn adventure of trekking in the Himalayan lap and be enchanted with the mesmerising beauty.
Book your trek now and make the most out of your experience that will stay forever in your heart to relish.