Family Trips

Travelling together as a family can be an unforgettable experiences. It deepens family bonds by giving the much-needed time together away from the daily routine. Rewild family holidays are specifically designed to offer a mix of education and exploration, with plenty of fun and downtime so you all come back refreshed. Each one of the Rewild family trips offer you and your family the chance to explore and learn together. Our family holidays are designed to reduce stress on parents keeping in mind the special requirements such as extra free time, flexibility in terms of activities, proper management of important safety measures and, child friendly guides. Bringing greater value to your trips the cost for children upto the age of 12 is 50% lower than the adult cost on Rewild Family trips.

Rewild family adventures are created with children (8yrs-17yrs) and their energies in mind. Our family trips are packed with fun, action and adventure activities providing new thrills and experiences such as kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, camping, mountain biking and rafting. Each activity is graded according to the age level it is suited for and the challenges it brings.

A typical Rewild family trip is made up of 3–4 families. Children interact with other children in the group. They are involved in camp related activities where they work together, supporting and learning from each other. They build friendships that become very special to them and enrich their experience on the trip.

If you like our style of family adventure trips but would prefer to take a trip with just your family we will be happy to help. Our team will work with you to create a private departure where we will tweak and adjust the itinerary for you to provide with all the excitement and inclusions of a regular departure and give you the best family travel experience.