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Well more than a team we call ourselves a family, ‘A family of passionate lovers of outdoors, mountains and rivers’. Most of us at Rewild are pure pahadi, born and raised in the mountains. As for the rest of us… well they just got delivered to the wrong addresses. Their hearts and souls belong to the mountains and hence they are part of the Rewild family. We all share our love and energy for the mountains, rivers and wildlife. We always need our high dose of trekking and our rafts in the rapids.

Each and every member plays a key role in the success of your trip. From picking your first phone call to bringing you back safely from a remote expedition, every member works super hard to make your trip memorable. We are a family of professionals where each member has certifications and considerable experience in their work area.

All our expedition team members, guides and trip leaders have certification in wilderness first aid and wilderness first responders from world class institutions like NOLS. Our trek leaders are NIM certified mountaineers and have huge experience of leading high altitude treks in the Indian and Nepal Himalayas (don’t forget to ask their stories from the mountains as each one has something unique to share).

Our rivers guides are fully trained and certified by Uttarakhand Government. They are also trained in white water and swift water rescue techniques. We have participated in different rescue and relief operations during floods and earthquakes of Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Kerala and Nepal.

Our ‘in office’ staff comes with huge experience into the corporate and education sectors with great passion, knowledge and insights around adventure. Their insightful research goes into designing your trip itineraries and all the related requirements to turn your dream adventure into a reality.