Rewild Women

‘Rewild Women’ adventure trips are tailored for women who wish to break the barriers and challenge themselves physically and mentally while they explore the world at their own pace. ‘Rewild Women’ trips help you to (re)connect with your adventurous self, Himalayan cultures and other adventurous women from all over the world.

‘Rewild Women’ trips mean a safe space for meaningful connections, personal growth, lasting friendships and life-changing shared experiences. We provide a range of adventure activities for women of all ages and experience levels in the comfort of small group atmosphere. Our individually curated itineraries with attention to the smallest detail give you an out-of-the-ordinary adventure vacation where each day is filled with anticipation, and evenings with friendly conversations giving you new world perspectives.

We strive to make every ‘Rewild Women’ trip a positive and memorable experience. Our challenging but exciting adventure activities from trekking to kayaking, backpacking and camping to rafting, blended with pristine views and experiences of remote Himalayan cultures will reboot your mind, re-energise your body and refresh your soul.