When you think of kayaking you imagine rivers, waterfalls, lakes and oceans. You see people going downstream sitting in a small boat, that we call kayak, and having lots of fun enjoying the waves. You too feel like doing the same. Kayaking is an activity of enjoying down- stream white water sitting in a small craft. This involves going through the rapids, surfing on the waves and running the waterfalls. It requires river reading skills and a lot of maneuvering. To go down the river in a kayak one should know the perfect roll and have strong swimming skills. Kayaking was introduced in the year 1936 in berlin Olympics and has been a part of Olympics games ever since. The Salzachöfen Gorgein Austria is known as the birth place of modern kayaking. In 1931, Adolf Anderle was the first person to kayak down the Salzachöfen Gorge.

Learn To Kayak

As a kayak school we encourage people to join and learn kayaking in order to bring them close to nature and experience the wilderness.

Kayaking Expeditions

A prominent water sport in the western world, Kayaking is gaining popularity in India day by day and many young people are now pursuing it as a hobby.