School Trip​

Memories of school excursions and trips are among the most prominent of the formative years. Rewild ensures these trips are memorable by offering exciting, safe and enjoyable experiences focussed around student self- development and enriched learning outside the classroom setting.

Our dedicated school programs are designed towards developing social skills, problem solving and life survival skills among students. Our programs are carefully chosen in offbeat destinations and tailored to each school’s unique requirements and budget. Students acquire a fresh perspective and develop a sense of community with soft adventure, experiential learning and community service on excursions with Rewild.

The safety and wellbeing of each and every student in the group is always our top priority, which we never compromise on. We always maintain the highest standards of safety and hygiene that are backed up by rigorous internal and external auditing.

We help schools to prepare the itinerary based on their learning goals for the trip and further, we assist the school by providing briefings about the trip to parents and all concerned. We always welcome teachers and support them on their visits to our centres for any pre-planning or safety and hygiene assessments.