Sunderdhunga Trek

Sunderdhunga, ‘The valley of beautiful stones’ lies on the west of Pindari valley in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand State and remains relatively remains untouched by humans. The route to Sunderdhunga is the same as for the trek to Pindari & Kafni glaciers up to Khati village. The trek to Sunderdhunga goes through dense forests, remote villages such as Jaitoli, Dudhia Dhaung and then to Kathalia which becomes the base camp for the trek upto the glacier and surroundings. The area is covered with wildflowers, waterfalls and beautiful Himalayan peaks. The snow-capped peaks of Mrigthuni (6,856mts), Maiktoli (6,803), Panwalidwar (6,663mts), Tharkot (6,100mts), Baljouri, Bhanoti are distinctly visible on this trek..

Region : Pithoragarh, Kumaon

Best season : Mid May- Mid Oct

Grade : Moderate

Duration : 9 days

Trek Distance : 43 km approx

Max altitude : 4320m

Min group

Price : On Request



Explore the town after lunch. The old Bagnath Temple at the confluence of Saryu and Gomti River can be visited

Dinner & Night stay in Hotel, Bageshwar.

Khati village, on the bank of Pindar river is the last village on the route to Pindari and Kafni glaciers.

Approx Altitude – 1,982 Mts ASL, Dinner & Night Stay in Khati Village in tents.

The route for Sunderdhunga changes from Khati village and we head west for Sunderdhunga valley. Jaitoli is the last village on this route. The trek follows river Sunderdhunga upstream from Khati till the glacier

Approx Altitude –2,468 Mts ASL, Dinner & Night Stay in Jaitoli village in tents.

through thick alpine forest. Khatliya base camp has a beautiful waterfall to relax by.

Approx. Altitude – 3,200mts ASL, Dinner & Night Stay in Kathaliya in tents.

Trek upto Maiktoli base camp and then to the Baluni top to get a spectacular view of the surrounding peaks. Devi kund, is a small hike from Baluni Top and recommended. Trek to the Balooni top is 4km of steep & tiring climb. Once at the top at an elevation of 4,320 mts ASL. Maiktoli, Panwalidwar, Nanda Devi east, Baljouri peaks are clearly seen from there.

Dinner & Night Stay in Kathalia in tents.

Get the stunning view of the Sunderdhunga valley from Sukhram cave.
Dinner & Night Stay in Kathalia in tents.

Approx Altitude – 2,468 Mts ASL Dinner & Night Stay in Jaitoli Village in tents.

Dinner & Night Stay in Kharkiya Village in tents

Note: If you are trekking to experience the Himalayas and its beauty, we recommend starting the trek from Lokharkhet to Dhakuri (10 km) then to Jatoli via Khati village (13 km) on the next day. This adds 2 more days to the itinerary. This route goes through the Dhakuri pass, which offers good challenge at the beginning of the trek.


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